The most beautiful Subsonic client.

Sublime Music is a feature-packed native GTK client for Subsonic-compatible servers.

Albums tab of Sublime Music

The Albums tab of Sublime Music. Clicking on an album cover shows the details for that album.

Artists tab of Sublime Music

The Artists tab of Sublime Music. All of the artist's albums are shown and information about the artist is displayed.

Browse tab of Sublime Music

The Browse tab of Sublime Music. Easily browse all of the songs and directories on the server.

Playlists tab of Sublime Music

The Playlists tab of Sublime Music. In addition to playing the songs in the playlist, you can create, edit, and modify playlists.

Sublime Music with the Play Queue popup open

Sublime Music with the play queue opened. View and re-order the songs that are going to be played next.

Sublime Music with the Chromecast popup open

Sublime Music with the Chromecast popup open. Cast music to Google Chromecast and Google Home devices on the same network.

The search functionality of Sublime Music

Sublime Music with the search popup opened. Search for songs, artists, albums, and playlists.


Subsonic API

Connect to any server that implements the Subsonic API including Airsonic, Gonic, and Navidrome. You can also configure multiple servers and switch between them.

Offline Support

Download your songs for offline listening. Sublime Music also provides an Offline Mode to prevent it from making any network requests which may be useful if you are on a metered connection.

Desktop Integration

Control Sublime Music using playerctl, KDE Connect, and many commonly used desktop environments. Sublime Music exposes a common MPRIS interface which works with many clients.

Linux Native

Sublime Music is built using the GTK toolkit, so it looks right at home on your Linux desktop. All of the core functionality of Sublime Music also works on macOS.

Chromecast Support

Cast music to Google Chromecast and Google Home devices on the same network. You can even use "Hey Google" to pause and play the music while casting.

Friendly Community

Sublime Music has a very friendly and responsive community. Join our Matrix chat to talk to other users and developers. See our contributing guidelines for other ways to contribute.


Arch Linux logo

Install sublime-music from the AUR.

yay -S sublime-music
Debian logo

Install sublime-music from Debian Testing.

apt install sublime-music
Flatpak logo

Download the Flatpak from Releases.

flatpak install sublime-music.flatpak

For more detailed instructions on how to install Sublime Music, see the Documentation.